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From the report of the Godaime

the pages of Tsuande's journal

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Me? What about me? Well. I'm Tsuande, granddaughter to the first Hokage. I gamble...but some people like to call me a sucker behind my back. I'm not a sucker! I am here for the game, not the money. Shizune can worry about money for me. She's cute when she's worried.

Anyway. I'm the 5th Hokage, a Konoha senin and top medical ninja. Don't you forget it! I send people out on missons. I also drink, review the status of certain nins in the hospital, drink, and sometimes train other shinobi. I need to find a gambling house.

Who is Aya? Oh, she's no one. She just helps around the office sometimes. Yes, that's she is. Hmph.

Are we finished? Good. I have paperwork to do...

Tsunade is love

♥Sannin are Love♥